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Peter Ogunmu
31 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years
First gen student

Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons)

University rating (4)

University of Birmingham is a great place to study, due to its academic excellence and quality of teaching delivered on campus and online, in alignment with the times. The city of Birmingham is quite epic and dynamic, particularly coming from a student who was not raised in the city; it's a fun and delightful place to hang out and enjoy life. The institution could be improved however. This is because during my time here, whilst it has been nothing short of a journey, it could have been made easier with much more student relations between different educational year brackets. Event to get students talking, making friends, and more importantly, bridging the gap between 1st. 2nd and 3rd year students on the same course.

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Emma Chatwin
17 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years
First gen student

Civil Engineering BEng (Hons)

University rating (5)

The opportunities as a UOB student are endless, constantly getting emails about events and extra curriculars that I can participate in is so exciting. I’m in my first year here and I’ve already been offered the opportunity to study abroad, fully funded over the summer and there’s so many more similar opportunities. The campus is a lovely environment and everyone is so friendly; genuinely has become one of my happy places. The one thing that is annoying is how expensive food and drinks are on campus. It’s very hard to get a hot meal for under £5 so it is a bit extortionate considering most of the customer base are broke students that just want to eat. Also the Students Union seems a bit dated compared to other universities which means I don’t spend much time there whereas I feel like this is usually the hotspot of most universities. I would choose to go on a night out at my university SU personally, it just doesn’t seem as good as heading into town and having all the choice of bars and clubs there.

Mildred Akpabio-Klementowska
29 Mar 22

Medicine (5 years) MB ChB

University rating (4)

Great university for medicine, they are much nicer than most other medical schools. Night life is nothing in comparison to some other places though.

evie hirst
22 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years

Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences BSc (Hons)

University rating (5)

The student union is excellent - weekly quiz nights, a pub and bar, twice weekly club nights, cheap food and drink, study spaces etc. The campus is so green and beautiful too!

Ahmed Elsawah
17 Mar 22

Chemical Engineering BEng (Hons)

University rating (5)

The enormous campus is undoubtedly the best feature of my University, and despite its size it is still very up to date from a technological perspective and extremely hygienic. One of the downsides could possibly be the events that take place at the university. Even though there are many, it feels that there is not enough interest towards them and this can be improved by better announcements leading to these events.

Rab Nut
10 Mar 22

MSc Accounting and Finance

University rating (4)


Georgia Kingsley
11 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years

Cancer and Genomic Sciences - PhD

University rating (4)

The campus is quite split - I'm near the hospital so do feel quite separate to the rest of the campus. But it's worth heading there because the atmosphere and facilities are great.

09 Mar 22

History and Politics BA (Hons)

University rating (5)

In a great location with fantastic facilities! A train station which provides easy access to the city! Great student life and plenty of extra curricular opportunities to get involved with. Helpful staff and student support. The course itself is very interesting, engaging and is overall a great uni.

Chlor Weaver
28 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years
First gen student

Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Primary (5-11 years) with iQTS

University rating (4)

The campus is gorgeous with loads of things to see and do around it; but the campus grounds can get somewhat confusing for newbies so more maps/signs might make it somewhat easier to navigate

Ella Jepsen
16 Mar 22

Mathematics and Computer Science BSc (Hons)

University rating (4)

Best would be the campus and facilities like study spaces and the guild of students and events they plan are very good. There could be more support for students in some studies as some modules are very difficult especially the assignment there often isn't enough time to complete them and keep up with other modules.

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