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Open days FAQ's

Why go to an open day at Sheffield Hallam University?

Planning to apply to a course at Sheffield Hallam University? Why not attend an open day? By attending an open day, you'll get the chance to ask all your questions, meet staff and see where you could be studying. Joining an open day offers the chance to research any courses you're interested in to help you pinpoint the right one for you. You can also scope out the local area, see the learning facilities and join one of the campus tours. Before attending, be sure to register for a place, and have a great day visiting Sheffield Hallam University!

What can you expect on the day?

Your open day at Sheffield Hallam University will be packed! You'll find tours, as well as have plenty of chance to see the local area, and get your questions about the course and student life answered, including any worries you have on important topics such as student finance. As well as scheduled parts of the day such as tours, you'll have plenty of opportunities to chat more casually with academics at Sheffield Hallam University. These are some of the best chances you'll have on the day to get all your questions answered. As well as all this, open days offer the chance to check out some of the university's facilities such as the library, study spaces and teaching rooms.

What questions should you ask at a university open day?

As many as you can think of! Open days are one of the best chances to get all your questions about Sheffield Hallam University answered. Make a note before you visit of everything you need to know and write down the answers during the day because there's a lot to take in. All the staff working at the open day will be more than happy to spend time with you to answer as many questions as you've got, so don't be shy. Anything you forget to ask can always be asked by email - there's always something that pops into your head on the way home that you wish you'd got an answer to. Some of the biggest topics students ask about on open days at Sheffield Hallam University include the modules on the course you're interested in, the local area (including the nightlife), the ways students at the uni socialise, and the entry requirements.

What if you can't attend a university open day?

Don't panic if you can't! Not everybody can get to open days. There's lots of other ways to get all the information you need. If you're curious about the campus, check out the relevant sections on the Sheffield Hallam University website to find photos and videos offering plenty of information. There may also be other opportunities to visit in person if you decide to apply to Sheffield Hallam University, so it's always worth reaching out by email to ask if there are any chances to visit and have a tour on a different day.

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