Welcome to Clearing 2019

Not only does Whatuni have the complete list of available Clearing places, this year we've unleashed our secret weapon for taking the stress out of Clearing: WHATUNI GO!

Use our brand-new free tool to search, apply AND receive an offer for the course that's perfect for you – all at the touch of a button. No phone calls. No drama. Just your future, a whole lot clearer.



What is Clearing?

Clearing is a way for students to make a late application for a university course starting this Autumn. There are three types of student who might use clearing:

  • 1) You didn't get the grades you needed and your chosen university has cancelled your offer.
  • 2) You got better grades than you expected (go you!) and want to see if you can apply to a different course or university.
  • 3) You didn't apply before 30th June but now want to go to university this September.

When Clearing opens (5th July 2019), universities will publish lists of courses with spaces still available, for students to apply for. Clearing does move quickly and, places will go fast, so you can't hang around too long. But if you haven't found a place by the end of Results Day, don't panic... there will still be plenty of courses for you to consider.

Going through Clearing can be very a very stressful time for many students, especially those already dealing with the disappointment of not getting their results.That's why we've created Whatuni Go – to help you navigate Clearing with no stress or drama and to get an Offer in Principle online!

What is Whatuni Go?

How does Whatuni Go work?

What is an 'Offer in Principle'?

I want to apply for a course but I can't see the GO APPLY button?

I'm struggling to use Whatuni Go? Who can I contact for help?

Got another question about Whatuni Go? Read our full list of FAQs.