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Jessica Garcia
23 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years

Biomedical Sciences BSc (Hons)

University rating (4)

The best thing is the size of the campus, it is human sized with lots of green spaces to spend the sunny days in. The library is also great, with loads of books and different study spaces (silent and group spaces), to suit everyone's needs. The worst part would be the organisation/communication sometimes. We know very late the exam dates (less than a month before-hand).

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11 Apr 22
Aged 18-24 years

Applied Mathematics MSc

University rating (4)


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Sarah Duncan
23 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years
First gen student

International Relations and Politics MA (Hons)

University rating (4)

Best part of my university experience is definitely the night life and the people I met pre-covid. Since covid hit everything has went down hill from good quality student nights to support for disabled students on campus. Lecturers try their hardest but with the expansion of the NCS there very little in place.

Kimberley Dewar
23 Mar 22

Professional Legal Practice PGDip

University rating (5)

BEST- Staff are very supportive, Union is amazing, course is well rounded and well thought out. People on campus are really friendly and the city is well suited to students as there are lots of student jobs and accommodation. WORST- The University executive attempted to implement a school merger with very little student consultation. The merger was planned and decided on before any student input was asked for. This was seemed very underhanded of the University executive. The University is currently running at a deficit but the main schools running at a deficit are not being changed or reorganised to save money, instead the executive decided to merge schools which were not running at a deficit to save the schools which are more likely to get good press.

Mathew Carson
28 Mar 22

Accountancy BAcc (Hons)

University rating (4)

Lecturers are knowledgeable - but some I feel could be more open to intellectual/academic conversations rather than just focusing entirely on the course material (a bit too like school). General communication from the University can be a bit lacking at times. Students representatives do appear to be listened to by the University.

Nnedimma Eneokwe
24 Mar 22

Adult Nursing BSc

University rating (5)

UOD is a great place to study and explore life at its fullest. The Uni is situated in a wonderful location, beautiful view and friendly locals. The library is just beyond imagination. The school building and facilities are well structured and organised. There are maps at designated location to help guests and prospective students navigate their way round the school. The non academic staffs are very warm and welcoming.The standard of education is top notch.The lecturers are always willing to assist the students in any challenges they might be facing both academically and non academically.A study advisor is allocated to each student to help them progress through their study. As an international student with a different experience in learning,UOD has help me overcome my fears and worries. UOD has developed my confidence and enhanced my reasoning.

Enrico Denis
23 Mar 22
Aged 25-34 years

Law (General) LLM

University rating (4)

The surrounding and staff are really helpful and nice. However, there should be more events for students to network and know each other.

Sherie George
25 Mar 22

Medicine (Professional Doctorate) DProf

University rating (4)

Dundee is a great place to study as there's loads of opportunities to meet people through society events. I think that facilities and buildings need to be renovated to look more modern. Library is great, with hot water taps, rooms for booking. Great student support received in medicine and from school counselling as well if students need it.

Zarak Khan
23 Mar 22

Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Technology MSc

University rating (4)

I got to get a international student exposure as I came here by interacting with students from different countries and knowing their cultures and traditions. I guess it's about the number of classes are less nowadays as I expected but overall a good experience.

Muhammad Rehan Ghazi
23 Mar 22
Aged 35-44 years

International Business MSc

University rating (4)

The atmosphere at the University is very conducive for learning and making great friendhips. The worst thing is that the university, I belive should help the students much more in finding good accomodations.

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