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I don't have anything else to say apart from standards have managed to slip even further since I started there 2 years ago and its not a good place to be. If you can tolerate late marking, poorly explained work and a lack of care from 90% of staff, this is the place for you.

Reviewed: 15 May 2018
Robin Peterson
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Its been really good, I have learnt loads and feel more prepared for work in my next steps. We were a small group, which meant we got on together really well and I have made some good friends for life.

Reviewed: 12 February 2018
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Law (single subject, level 6) Professional Certificate

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I am not taking a uni course, I am taking Cilex (level 6) which is a law subject and I am in my second year. Every year I have had to chase lecturers and staff to find out what subjects they will be offering the next year, they are absolutely shockingly disorganised. I study at Worcester Tech because it is the nearest college to me offering this course. In our final year of our Cilex Level 3, we had to take Civil Litigation and Family units together and was taught Tort (a subject that goes hand in hand with Civil litigation) afterwards. Which meant the majority of the class (and this was the overall opinion) really found this subject hard. Teachers hand the wrong work in to be marked, go 6 weeks without speaking to you then drop a deadline on you difficult to meet (when you think that you have already completed the work, but in reality they forgot to send to you your amendments). We are no struggling to get the units to be taught, we need to complete our final year. I just cant be

Reviewed: 07 July 2014
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