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  • Wirral Metropolitan College
13 Dec 18
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I love it, it’s so much better than I would have ever expected! I have learnt so much already in the first semester of this year and feel like my work and skills are improving all the time with my tutors’ help. I am becoming more and more confident everyday

06 Dec 18

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Education and Training) - B108

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Fantastic apart from those points mentioned. ALS is a major thing impacting my placement in particular as it's hard to manage a class when you KNOW that half a dozen of them kids haven't possibly got the support they needed. You can't be in 15 places at once. You have to prioritise yourself with additional support in tasks and that impacts/penilises those that are maybe flying high, or don't need as much support - and that isn't fair. Smaller class sizes with additional needs or more ALS assignment needed. Desperately.

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