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New data tool shows campus diversity

Want to know which universities are the most culturally diverse? Or the proportion of students with the same nationality as you? Our friends at Hotcourses Abroad have created a fancy new tool you might want to check out…

Eleanor Foulds
by Eleanor Foulds
Last Updated:
03 May 2023

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Doing your university research? Want to know if any students have the same nationality as you? Or curious to find out how culturally diverse your university options really are? You can find out in a click of a button with the Hotcourses Diversity Index.

Here’s everything you need to know….


What is the Diversity Index?


This unique and valuable tool will show you the different student nationalities at universities, and their percentages in the overall student body.

You can use it to search for nationalities at universities across the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, ideal if you are wanting to research studying abroad.


Feel at home index

There is also the Feel at Home index, which can be used to find out the proportion of students who have the same nationality as you. This tool allows you to filter by subject, study level, destination and/or university.

Knowing there are other students with the same nationality as you can make a real difference to your university experience. Shree Suriya from Sri Lanka went to an Australian university and says, “I have a lot of friends from my country so life is not that bad. At least it is good to talk to someone from your country. I hardly miss home and the food as we take up turns while cooking. We live together so it is easy.”


What universities are the most diverse?

International students together

Here are the most culturally diverse universities in the UK:


10. Brunel University (153 nationalities, 6146 international students)

9. Manchester Metropolitan University (155 nationalities, 4645 international students)

8. King's College London (158 nationalities, 11341 international students)

7. University of Greenwich (159 nationalities, 7259 international students)

6. Open University (159 nationalities, 8263 international students)

5. UCL (University College London) (163 nationalities, 17543 international students)

4. Middlesex University (163 nationalities, 8758 international students)

3. City, University of London (163 nationalities, 10006 international students)

2. Kingston University (164 nationalities, 7256 international students)


And coming in on top is….


1. University of Westminster (170 nationalities, 8582 international students)


For many students, having access to a multicultural community is a vital part of studying abroad. Ngoc Tran from Vietnam who studied at Goldsmiths, University of London, said: “Even though I am the only one that comes from Vietnam […] I have never felt isolated and lonely but always surrounded by lovely international friends that give me so much advice and help during the course.”

Find courses at the University of Westminster now.

Where does the data come from?

Students in classroom

Here comes the science part…

The data used in the tool is collated by Hotcourses and comes from official government data, as well as the latest reports from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (UK), The Institute of International Education (US) Australian Government Department of Education & Training and the New Zealand Ministry for Education.

To find out more about the methodology behind thisdiversity index click here. Be sure to go use this insightful tool to kickstart your university research.


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