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What is UCAS Extra 2023?

Through UCAS Extra you’re given another opportunity to gain entry onto the course you want. If you’re wondering how does UCAS Extra work, we’ve broken it all down.

Eleanor Foulds
by Eleanor Foulds
Last Updated:
03 May 2023

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UCAS Extra is a free service that allows you to continue applying for higher education courses in the upcoming academic year on the basis that you've used all five of your choices and have either not been offered a place or declined all offers. It can be used as long as you’ve applied through UCAS and are not holding any offers or waiting for a decision on any of your initial five applications.

When does UCAS Extra open?

UCAS Extra opens on 23 February 2023 for all undergraduate applications.

When does UCAS Extra close?

The final date to apply for a course through UCAS Extra is 4 July 2023. If you don’t have any offers after this point, you can enter Clearing.

How does UCAS Extra work?

You don’t need to apply to use UCAS Extra. The “Add Extra Choice” button will automatically appear in the Choices section of your UCAS Hub page if you’re eligible. Not all universities or courses will offer places through Extra, but those that do will appear in Course Search marked with a grey ‘X’.

There’s no limit to the number of courses you can apply to through Extra, but you can only apply for one at a time. You won’t be able to pick a first choice and an insurance offer like you did in the first round of applications.

You can withdraw an Extra application at any time if you haven’t heard back from a course you applied to through Extra and you’re anxious to apply for another. It’s worth checking directly with the university or college to make sure an offer isn’t on its way before you withdraw.

NOTE: If you accept an offer from a university through UCAS Extra, you'll be expected to take up your place there and will be ineligible for Clearing, unless you fail to meet the grade requirements of the offer.

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Can you apply for a different subject using UCAS Extra?

Yes. If you originally applied to study psychology, for example, you’ll be able to apply for sociology through UCAS Extra.

You won’t be able to change your personal statement, so contact the institution you’re applying to directly to explain why you’ve changed your mind.

Don’t be apprehensive about doing this though, as most universities are very open to alternate course applications. It can be a good way to increase your chances of getting a place at uni if the course you originally applied for is over-subscribed or unusually competitive. 

Which universities offer UCAS Extra?

All universities will typically be in UCAS Extra, provided that they haven’t filled up all of their courses.

Is UCAS Extra worth it?

Yes, if you've changed your mind about the course you'd like to study. You may also use UCAS Extra if you’ve received no offers from your original five choices or you decide you want to study at a different university.

Be absolutely sure that you have not received any offers from your original five choices. You will see the UCAS Extra option on your UCAS Hub if you qualify.

What if you don’t receive any offers through UCAS Extra?

You’ll still be able to apply for a place at university through Clearing, with hundreds of courses offered through Clearing each year. Use Whatuni’s Clearing tool to see what courses are available, compare them and choose which to apply for.


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