Reviews (WUSCA's Specific) Terms and Conditions

House Rules

We collect and share student reviews that offer an honest reflection of university life and give prospective students useful insight to help them find their perfect university! In doing this we set an expectation that the author of the review will write truthful and reflective comments on their experience at an institution.

When submitting a review, YOU (the reviewer) agree to the following guidelines:

Review Usage

Reviews submitted are used to calculate the rankings of our annual Whatuni Student Choice Awards and displayed as user written content across our site(s). Any information disclosed becomes the intellectual property of IDP Connect.

Reviews collected from the 1st of March 2019- 29th February 2020 will be used towards rankings for the 2020 Awards. Review information will be used to calculate the following categories 'University of the Year', 'Accommodation', 'Job Prospects', 'Course & Lecturers', 'Societies & Sports', 'Students' Union', 'Uni Facilities', 'Local Life', 'Student Support', 'Independent Higher Education', 'Further Education', 'International' and 'Postgraduate'.

Reviews submitted for Independent providers and Further Education Colleges, will only be used in relation to the following categories 'Independent Higher Education' and 'Further Education'. Scores for these categories are taken from the mean average of 'Overall Experience' scores provided within reviews.

Scores towards 'postgraduate' and 'International' categories will be amalgamated from the overall scores submitted by students disclosing themselves as international and EU (International category) and Postgraduate students (Postgraduate category). All other scores will contribute to the following categories- 'Accommodation', 'Job Prospects', 'Course & Lecturers', 'Societies & Sports', 'Students' Union', 'Uni Facilities', 'Local Life', 'Student Support'. Institutions must reach a minimum threshold to be involved in the awards. These range across each category.

Contacting reviewees

Your email address will be used for verification purposes, to notify you if you are a prize winner and/or as proof of your identity if you ever contact us about your review. We may also get in touch if your review makes a claim about any situation that is significantly detrimental to your or others wellbeing, or contains allegations of institutional sexism, racism, homophobia or transphobia. In these situations, we may contact you to encourage you to report any incidents or to seek support from the appropriate networks.


All reviews will go through an approval process to ensure their authenticity. We will only remove comments if they are discriminatory, threatening, obscene, pornographic or if they infringe intellectual property or are otherwise illegal. We also remove anything that would identify an individual mentioned within a review, such as a name/role. This does not affect the name of the person leaving the review if they have left one. The reviewer name and personal details will be handled in line with our reviewer retention policy.

All reviews which are physically collected by our Outreach Team will be stored in a lockable cupboard. These reviews are then typed onto our online back office system and stored securely on our database. For accountability purpose we will also scan these reviews on our secure network and keep them for 3 years.


Original physical reviews will be shredded within 3 months of scanning. Online reviews will be deleted in line with the review retention policy. User can request deletion of their review at any point.

The process for storing and deleting student reviews will be assessed annually, with relevant changes being made as needs arise.