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Art and Design (Contemporary Practice) HND

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Clueless, disorganized and unmotivated staff, simply ineffable to the students' problems and won't tell you what you need to know (that's for YOU to find out!), just want money off you,and if there's important information trust me, they will let you know at the last possible minute after having wasted as much of your time as they manage. Enjoy having mandatory (no doubt biased left-leaning indoctrination gulags) classes foisted upon you that are in no relation to the course itself, "Enrichment", among other mysteriously named classes, presumably in an effort to pad out course man-hours so they can get funding for otherwise terse, lax educations. In short this is a college where the slow, uneducated and unlucky in academia go to teach those who are slow, uneducated and unlucky in academia. If you have the right qualifications the far superior Sixth Form College in the Shrewsbury town centre is a better bet.

Reviewed: 12 September 2014
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