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HNC General Engineering HNC

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I have attended this college for 4years now undertaking two different courses and i must say the quality of teaching at this college is appalling! you are seen as a number rather than a student to be honest. The college has no facilities other than a plan old class room. The chairs are un-comfey and my lecturs are often within a science lab with burners and extractor fans present on the work area. This makes it very difficult to work leaving you no room for your paper, folder and text book. I would never recommended this college to anyone! There is plenty more colleges local to RCAT and i may speak for myself and all the other people participating on my course that everyone is disappointment. If you wanting to go college to waste your time and simply collect EMA then this is the place for you, if you want to work or even lean a thing or two then I'd be give this "college" a miss.

Reviewed: 20 January 2014
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