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08 Apr 21

Pharmacy MPharm (Hons)

University rating (5)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

Robert Gordon university has provided me with a great set of skills and confidence in my career to becoming a pharmacist. The lecturers are friendly and helpful and the online support it fantastic during the current pandemic

Alan Dickson
28 Jan 22

Project Management MSc

University rating (1)

When things go right Robert Gordons University is fine enough. When you encounter problems do not expect any help. Polite sympathetic noises from the good staff, as few as they are. I highly regret taking a course at this university. The stress of their officious and bureaucratic culture is too much. They have made decisions on what they think students want and don't care what students actually need. No appeals, no help. It is clear that, if you don't fit in their box, tough, leave. There are two types of study spaces: open halls or a small, crowded library. The WiFi is patchy. What few facilities there are often close mid-afternoon of they ever open at all. Despite getting straight A grades, I have had a terrible experience. I have had staff say explicitly that they won't help if you find yourself in difficulty with immigration: the particular staff-member was totally unsympathetic. If you consider RGU, read every policy first as the staff members 'eyes role back into their head, they will chant the policies as though possessed. And there are a lot of policies to protect the university from students. Nothing is guaranteed. The university stacks as many students into their courses as they can. They don't nearly have the facilities to handle student's needs. Timetables are not optimised for student experience. Don't fall for their awards: tick-box frameworks based of paper evidence. If I could start again, I would choose anywhere but RGU.

Melanie Perlaza
13 Apr 21

Cyber Security BSc (Hons)

University rating (3)
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I would give it at least 4 stars if it weren't for the fact that I personally myself had struggled with online learning because of the pandemic and because lockdown has been hard on me. The course is as straightforward as can be, the material was all there, the lecturers are present and active. It was just a case of this not being a good way for me because it was practically all online. While they were clear on the resources they had on helping us, I think they should have personally reached out to us instead of having us to it.

11 Apr 21

Law LLB (Hons)

University rating (4)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

This year has been different and for everyone this needs to be taken into account. Everyone has struggles and had to adapt to covid and lockdown. Through this they have still provided support and listened to our feedback. Sometimes a little more leniency and planning would be better but on the whole it has been good.

22 Apr 21

Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) MSc

University rating (5)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

With all that's happened with the coronovirus, the university has been there to support students regardless of the restrictions at the time. Of course it's difficult for all students at the moment, but RGU has done well to adapt teaching practice.

Christabel Edokpayi
11 Feb 22
Aged 18-24 years

Pharmacy MPharm (Hons)

University rating (4)

The support system the school has is one of my best aspects of my university experience. There’s easily accessible help for any struggle, whether with course material, career and jobs, personal issues, disabilities or difficulties etc. I don’t really have any negatives

14 Jul 21

Architecture MArch

University rating (4)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

Overall my experience at RGU has been enjoyable and I would definetely go back for my postgraduate studies. The accomodation and living expenses when budgeted well is good.

Olivia Connolly
14 Mar 22

Communication Design BA (Hons)

University rating (5)

Great new friends. Amazing work environment and very supportive teachers. Could have a slightly better canteen in my building but still loving uni❤️

08 Jul 21

Advanced Architectural Design MSc

University rating (5)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

RGU and particularly Aberdeen has so much to offer for international Student in every aspect. RGU is extremely supportive through the application process. The ‘Contact a Student’ platform, in particular, was remarkable. The tutors are always ready to help and go beyond expectation to help you. Always feel free to reach out to RGU respective teams for anything you need guidance in, you will get the best advice.

Thomas Stephen
25 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years
First gen student

Law and Management BA (Hons)

University rating (4)

Good uni for independent student living

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