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The annual Whatuni Student Choice Awards (WUSCAs) highlight the incredible work carried out by institutions for their students. This year’s awards were based on reviews from over 30,000 students across the UK.

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Jessica Kelly
03 Apr 22

Health and Social Care (R26) BA (Hons)

University rating (5)

Almost completed my Health and Social Care degree. What can I say? It's been a good three years with plenty of support from tutors. Good for people who haven't had much experience with academic study. Builds work up slowly. Have found writing assignments and completing activities fairly easy. Convenient have been able to fit study around work. Almost sad to be graduating.

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24 Mar 22

Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

University rating (1)

Open University do not care about your education. Only collecting your fees. I have been really disappointed by the lack of teaching quality on the Postgraduate course I started. I since stopped as I was clearly wasting my time and unwilling to throw good money after bad. Yes I passed the first assessment only due to my own graft, but was I learning? No. If you are only after specific qualifications or letters after your name then by all means trudge along. But for the extortionate cost you pay you will definitely not get value for money in terms of learning outcomes and support. A significant amount of the effort is geared towards assessment, which is not the same as learning. Tutors appear to be spread too thin, the feedback given is generic and unhelpful to actually learning, just scoring higher on tests. There are so many free online courses that have similar/ superior content to the Open university. There is no need to waste your money on their expensive courses. For £1600 for one module I got: 1 book, access to a website, 3 faceless online tutorials and 2 essays marked and access to an exam. Open University was once a great way to access education for those without other options, but today, with the astronomical costs, it is simply to not good enough. Do yourself a favour and go to a cheaper competitor.

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Casey Rock
22 Mar 22

Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering

University rating (5)

Amazing student support and friendly campus

20 Mar 22

Law (R81) LLB (Hons)

University rating (5)

Distanced learning is so great as it allows me to work alongside study

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Becca Thomson
16 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years
First gen student

MA in Creative Writing

University rating (4)

A great option for remote study, and cheaper than a physical uni! Sometimes it takes a while for a tutor to get back to you, and there’s not many seminars a year - it’s all self lead. They give you the material and you work through it.

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Ami Helen
14 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years
First gen student

Psychology (Q07) BSc (Hons)

University rating (4)

It’s flexable as you can learn and work at the same time easier than a normal uni

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Katie Jeffries
14 Mar 22

Criminology and Psychology (Q98) BA (Hons)

University rating (3)

The resources and support are great!

Pearl Macey
03 Mar 22
Aged 25-34 years
First gen student

Psychology (Q07) BSc (Hons)

University rating (5)

As the open university is mostly online I cannot judge the campus, however the online student support and facilities are amazing

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01 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years

Health Sciences (W44) Diploma of Higher Education

University rating (2)

The Open University is great for flexibility and offers me a good chance to study around my work hours. However, there are not many more positives. The website is clunky to navigate at best and often requires you to completely clear your cache/cookies in order to access the necessary portions of the website. Tutorials are held via adobe connect and is incredibly frustrating to view a previous tutorial recording on. A fair amount of the assessment content involved requires you to reflect on feedback from previous assessments or talk about potential future employability opportunities, something I feel is not fair to judge your overall grade on. I have had positive experiences with all my tutors, however the speed of replies can be fairly slow, and this is not great in second year when all the assessment due dates are so close to each other.

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Devyani Gajjar
16 Feb 22

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

University rating (4)

Good location

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