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17 Jan 20

Applied Animal Studies BSc (Hons)

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Generally a good uni if you're willing to put the work in. The course provides a broad overview of the animal sector covering a range of modules and lecturers are passionate about their studies. Accommodation is basic but the inclusion of an en suite is beneficial and the facilities are fine for what students need. Social facilities are lacking and there is no free bus to town anymore so nights out are expensive. The university of Northampton itself has very little care for Moulton so there isn't much support from the university. Good all rounder but no bragging rights provided

16 Jan 20
University rating (3)
Tell us about your overall college experience so far.

My experience so far is mixed. Some days i enjoy it others i don’t. The content we are learning is and can be interesting but it’s not being taught in a way that makes it appeal to everyone, it can be very boring. Some lessons we don’t actually learn anything. Practical lessons are good because it’s fun and we somewhat learn something and how to do it.

11 Nov 19
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Tell us about your overall college experience so far.

I feel like my course has previously (over the last two years) has not be well managed or organised. The college has struggled to deliver content in a way that means we get the relevant information needed in order to complete assignments or exams. Timetables have been awkwardly organised, so sometimes we would come in for only one lecture, and we have had instances of coming in for one lecture only to be let go early as they were not able to teach the content they wanted to due to lack of facilities available. However, I do feel like my course is starting to be managed better now, in contrast to previous years. Overall, the college mainly focuses on their FE students and I feel they need to refocus onto their HE courses, as people are paying a lot of money to do these.

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