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25 May 21

Actuarial Science and Diploma in Industrial Training BSc (Hons)

University rating (4)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

Overall I have been pleased with the effort my university put in to make the best of a bad year. I feel as though my learning has most definitely been compromised through online learning but this is not the fault of the university or lecturers as they did as much as they could. I think the amount we paid for this education (£9250) is extortionate and the fact the students have not been reimbursed for at least a portion of this, is an absolute joke but once again this may not be the fault of the university. I think this like many other things boils down to our “government”.

Sai prashanth reddy KOVVURI
08 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years

MSc International Business Management

University rating (3)

no offline classes so i had completely missed uni life and moreover the replies from the staff is too slow but the quality of education is top

03 May 21

Mathematical, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences BSc (Hons)

University rating (4)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

My experience overall has been good, although being in the midst of a pandemic, the lecturers and staff seem very helpful and eager to give the same level of classes whether it be from home or in a lecture theatre. All students need to give the lectures a great amount of recognition for the work they have done this year.

Lincoln Wang
24 Feb 22
Aged 35-44 years
First gen student

DBA Business Administration

University rating (5)

Great support. Excellent course structure. Friendly course mates with diverse background.

14 Nov 21

Fashion BA (Hons)

University rating (1)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

Not sure what I have paid for in regards to a course as this hasn’t been a good experience from the start. I understand Covid has impacted certain aspects of learning environment,however preparing and learning from the previous year to put help and support in place would have been beneficial and not had the detrimental affect on my future as I may leave 1st semester due to my horrendous ordeal

13 Feb 22

Finance MA (Hons)

University rating (1)

Based on my experience, any degree from a RG university would make you far more employable, particularly in industries such as the financial services who hire from any degree background. The location is incredibly inconvenient. Be careful of the statistics they use, they are designed to be misleading (such as 3rd in the UK for economics). Overall, I feel robbed of opportunities and future potential. I would advise anyone considering this university to study elsewhere, at a reputable RG institution.

31 Mar 22
Aged 25-34 years

MSc Strategic Project Management

University rating (4)


Alasdair Steven
16 Mar 22

Chemical Engineering BEng (Hons)

University rating (4)

Associate Student Transition not supported by uni at all it feels.

26 Mar 22
Aged 18-24 years

Fashion BA (Hons)

University rating (4)

I love that it’s a place full of creatives and open minded individuals who encourage you to grow and develop as a designer. Sometimes I feel that students need more support from well-being services and from the lecturers, but the student union and student community are doing a good job.

Eshan Randev
09 Apr 21
University rating (4)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

In my second year at university. The online learning has made life easier. This is because the pre recorded lectures mean that you can watch the lectures multiple times which are useful for exam preparations. However the online tutorials aren’t the same as face to face learning which I prefer

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