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Laura Bragg
25 Feb 22
University rating (5)

I love the amazing location by the sea, its a lovely community with a town with great bars and cafes. The cheerleading team has made my time amazing. The tufts department is full of incredible knowledgeable staff who are always kind and helpful

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Tilly Travis
25 Feb 22

Criminology BSc (Hons)

University rating (4)

Really helful for freshers and facilities are good More social societies

Kiosha Jagad
25 Feb 22

Business Information Technology BSc (Hons)

University rating (5)

So far its all been pretty well

Henry Howe
25 Feb 22

Computer Science (with integrated year studying abroad) BSc (Hons)

University rating (5)

Excellent location, chill atmosphere The buildings can tend to look a bit old, but its not a major issue

Bethany Davies
25 Feb 22

Marketing BSc (Hons)

University rating (3)


Sophie Pargeter
25 Feb 22
Aged 18-24 years

Physical Geography (with integrated year studying abroad) BSc (Hons)

University rating (5)

Good support from The uni and lecturers when needed and interesting, engaging courses.

Natashia Sydney
25 Feb 22

PhD Biological Sciences

University rating (4)

Seaside More motivating students

Chelsea Lim
25 Feb 22

Computer Science (with integrated year in industry) BSc (Hons)

University rating (4)

The hill is not fun, but it's not the fault of the university. Guacamole and remote services are amazing and although I havent had the chance to use them yet, labs seem well stocked and up to date.

Nathalia Lawen
25 Feb 22

Economics and Climate Change BSc (Hons)

University rating (4)

The scenery is really nice

Jack Wardle
25 Feb 22

Criminology (with integrated foundation year) BSc (Hons)

University rating (5)

Friendly and a nice place

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