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The Adjuster

Got better grades than expected on results day? If yes, pat yourself on the back. You can now enter Adjustment, which is your opportunity to find a place on a better course. Take a look.

Applying through Adjustment after getting better-than-expected grades

If you end up getting the grades you need - or even better, you exceed them - then you've already won results day. Because not only will you now be able to get into your firm-choice university, you'll also have the option to see if you can find an even better course. That's the brilliance of Adjustment. Running concurrently with Clearing, it lets you apply for a different course or university if you meet or outperform the conditions of your firm offer. So you can apply for any course at any uni where you meet entry requirements, all while holding on to your original offer. It's your chance to get into the best uni possible - it really is a win-win.

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