Town planning officer

Town planning officer - overview

To become a town planning officer, you need to be a creative thinker with strong problem-solving and analytical skills. This role involves working on the layout and design of urban and rural areas including buildings, parks, roads and so on. Find out more about a career as a town planning officer.

Learn what the role involves below.


What does a town planning officer do?

Town planning officers work with construction and building professionals such as architects, engineers, builders and the local community. They give planning advice to politicians, schools, families and businesses when managing town planning projects. Common employers include local governments, engineering and transport firms, energy companies and so on.

In this exciting role, you'll be helping to design and coordinate the development of cities, towns, villages and rural landscapes. You may choose to specialise in a particular area such as sustainability, urban design or transport. No matter which industry you choose, you'll use your creative and project-management skills to complete projects to a high standard.

What will your days involve?

Daily tasks will vary but could involve:

  • Speaking to local and central government officials to advise on planning issues
  • Assessing how new infrastructure could affect communities, public and private land, transport and the environment
  • Liaising with statutory bodies to make sure development plans consider local interests
  • Negotiating with developers and other industry professionals such as architects and surveyors
  • Using computer-aided design software to create designs for proposals and plans
  • Presenting at planning meetings and handling appeals
  • Collating feedback from councils and members of the public
  • Staying informed on land use legislation


How much can you earn as a town planning officer?

The average salary for a town planning officer in the UK is £39,000. Graduates start at around £26,000.

Does a town planning officer role involve travel in the UK or overseas?

You may need to travel when visiting sites to check on building progress or when assessing an area for construction.

Can you work from home as a town planning officer?

Town planning officers mainly work from offices but your employer may allow you to work from home or a mixture of the two.