Planning engineer

Planning engineer - overview

As a planning engineer, you'll determine manufacturing schedules and processes. You'll inspect materials, test products and set the quality standards. Read on to learn more about a career in this field and how to qualify.

Learn what the role involves below.


What does a planning engineer do?

A role as a planning engineer could see you working in several industries. Your services will be needed by most organisations that make products or goods and need the production process to be organised and controlled. You could be office-based or have a more hands-on role in a lab or factory.

Your main responsibility will be to make sure that production is planned and completed in an efficient way that produces a high level of quality. Many customers are happy to pay for more expensive products if they're of high quality. This makes this role incredibly valuable to businesses. If you have excellent attention to detail, then this could be a really rewarding career.

What will your days involve?

Daily tasks will vary but could involve:

  • Researching and analysing quality procedures
  • Making sure processes and procedures are followed
  • Creating workflow charts and production instructions
  • Checking machinery and equipment to make sure it's working as it should
  • Inspecting the quality of completed work


How much can you earn as a planning engineer?

The average salary for a planning engineer in the UK is £36,400. Graduates start at around £30,500.

Does a planning engineer role involve travel in the UK or overseas?

Travel within these roles often depends on your employer. If you need to visit more than one site for work, you'll be expected to travel. Overseas travel will only be necessary if your employer or client is based abroad.

Can you work from home as a planning engineer?

There are unlikely to be many home working opportunities in these roles, as you'll mainly work on-site.

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