Draughtsperson - overview

A draughtsperson, drafter or CAD technician is a highly skilled professional who creates technical drawings to support professionals such as architects and engineers. Drafters need to have both mathematical and artistic talents to succeed. Discover what this role involves and how to qualify.

Learn what the role involves below.


What does a draughtsperson do?

As a draughtsperson, you'll have the choice of working on a variety of different projects such as helping to build an aeroplane, skyscraper or mechanical toy. Your specialist skills are in demand across several industries such as engineering, construction, architecture, manufacturing or even set design. This gives you plenty of choice depending on your interests.

In this line of work, you'll be creating 2D and 3D models of designs assigned to you by an architect or engineer, for example. Many drafters use computer-aided design (CAD) software to assist in this process. You'll also be responsible for making sure your drawings are technically accurate in terms of scale and dimensions.

What will your days involve?

Daily tasks will vary but could involve:

  • Producing designs using CAD software
  • Following calculations and specifications outlined by architects/engineers, etc.
  • Adding structural details to architectural/engineering plans
  • Working closely with industry specialists and following their instructions
  • Calculating dimensions, weight and material quantities
  • Creating designs in line with budgets and schedules
  • Participating in project meetings and communicating any issues with the wider team
  • Ensuring designs meet building regulations


What could you earn as a draughtsperson?

The average salary for a draughtsperson in the UK is £28,080.

Does a draughtsperson role involve travel in the UK or overseas?

You'll typically work from an office in one location but you may travel to project sites to check on progress.

Can you work from home as a draughtsperson?

You can work from either an office or at home, but this will depend on your employers work from home policy.