Chartered Architectural Technologist

Chartered architectural technologist - overview

Chartered architectural technologists provide specialist design services, managing construction projects from start to finish. They use science, technology and engineering to bring structures to life. Find out more about what this career involves and what it takes to qualify.

Learn what the role involves below.


What does a chartered architectural technologist do?

Chartered architectural technologists are qualified to lead design and construction projects from start to finish. This role involves working directly with architects and clients to turn their concepts into functional structures. You'll need to use your creative, technical and people skills to succeed in this role.

Responsibilities include working closely with clients to understand their designs, using software to create models, leading a design team, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations, and so on. While this can be a demanding role with high responsibility, it can also be incredibly rewarding and satisfying to know that you contributed to the construction of a building.

What will your days involve?

Daily tasks will vary but could involve:

  • Creating building designs using computer-aided design software
  • Managing contract bids and tenders
  • Deciding which building materials are needed
  • Checking construction plans for potential design issues
  • Identifying any environmental or legal issues
  • Liaising with surveyors, clients, architects, construction workers, etc.
  • Helping to apply for planning permission
  • Visiting sites to check on the progress or any issues that might arise
  • Performing risk assessments
  • Assigning work to the rest of the design team


How much can you earn as a chartered architectural technologist?

The average salary for a chartered architectural technologist in the UK is £39,000. Graduates start at around £39,000.

Does a chartered architectural technologist role involve travel in the UK or overseas?

You may travel both within the UK and overseas to visit construction sites and for meetings.

Can you work from home as a chartered architectural technologist?

Architectural technologists generally work from an office or construction site, but working from home may be an option depending on your employer.