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Introducing Unibuddy on Whatuni

Learn what the peer-to-peer student advice platform is all about and how it can help you with your uni decisions.

Resalat Rasheed
by Resalat Rasheed
Last Updated:
17 Oct 2022

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Got questions about a uni? Who better to speak to than someone who's currently studying there? You can now chat with real students who can help you right here on Whatuni! We've partnered with leading EdTech startup Unibuddy to offer a peer-to-peer advice platform for users on our website. It's an exciting partnership for us, and we hope you make full use of the tool to help you make the best decisions on your university journey.

Try Unibuddy now.  

What's Unibuddy?

Partnering with universities around the world since 2017, Unibuddy helps prospective students to virtually connect with student ambassadors, staff and other students of a uni, giving you a source of info that's as honest and authentic as they come. Learn more at

On Whatuni, the platform lets you chat in real time with current uni students – your 'Buddies'. You can ask them questions about anything from the halls of residence, to the workload, to the nightlife. We've initially launched with Buddies from a few select institutions and will be adding more very soon.

Our partnership comes as demand grows for peer-to-peer support during uni applications. A study by Unibuddy and Intead found that 57% of students said speaking with an institution’s student ambassadors was the most helpful resource for choosing a university.

How do you use Unibuddy on Whatuni?

It's simple:

  1. Sign up on Whatuni
  2. Choose your Buddy
  3. Send your message
  4. Get notified when you get a reply

All chats with your Buddies are one-to-one and absolutely private.

Real uni students. Real uni insights. Chat with a Buddy now.

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