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Free things to do during the winter months

During the winter months, it’s tempting to curl up and stay indoors, but you’d be surprised at how many activities and attractions are happening during the holiday season that won’t hurt your bank balance either. 

Safeera Sarjoo
by Safeera Sarjoo
Last Updated:
25 Nov 2022

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Whether you’re heading home or spending Christmas away from family, spend some of your time exploring the free events happening during the winter months. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites that’s sure to make your holiday season a memorable one. 

Check out your local Christmas markets

Christmas markets are a must during the winter months. While there’s a range of food and drinks to tempt you into taking your coins out, some stallholders will have free samples that you can try. There’s nothing that quite captures the festive period like the sights, sounds and smells you experience at Christmas markets. 

Also, some of these markets have other attractions, such as ice rinks. These probably will come with a fee, but you could always have fun watching people fall over!

Spend some time volunteering

It’s easy to forget with all the materialism, but Christmas is a time to help others. As the temperature plummets, some people are especially vulnerable.

There’ll be people relying on food banks to get by and need support, as do those without homes facing freezing conditions during the winter months.

Putting yourself forward as a volunteer is a more meaningful contribution to the season than the typical buying of presents - whether that's at a soup kitchen or donating clothes or taking up a few shifts at your local charity shop.

Volunteering gives you essential life skills; you meet some brilliant people, and above all, it can change your perspective on the world.

Spend the day at a museum

There’s so many free museums for you to explore when you don’t want to be outside but fancy getting out of the house. Entrance is usually free across UK museums however, some exhibitions may charge an admission fee. 

Spending time at a museum may not be the first thing you think about doing during the winter, but it’s a nice, inexpensive (and warm) way to spend your time off with friends and family.

Go on a nature walk

Another great and free way of enjoying cold weather without the price tag is by spending time outside. It may not sound appealing to those who prefer the sun, but nature looks really different during the winter months. You find yourself appreciating little things like trees covered in snow, the animals you encounter and the general sights and smells that come with winter. 

Spending time outdoors also does wonders for your mental health too such as improving your mood, giving you time to unwind and relax and helping you become more active. 

If you don’t fancy going on a nature walk and you’re lucky enough to have snow, why not venture out and build a snowman or head to the park and enjoy sledding? The possibilities are endless.

Learn something new 

While there’s a lot of free events and winter-themed attractions to explore, sometimes people prefer to use this time to stay in, curl up and try their hand at learning something new. 

LinkedIn has a lot of free courses to explore and take. Not only will you be expanding your skillset, you’ll be able to document your achievements on your CV and LinkedIn profile. 

What you learn doesn’t always have to be boring too. Have you always wanted to learn how to use certain software? Or maybe it’s an art and craft skill you’re looking to develop. Either way, focusing on learning keeps your brain ticking, engaged and motivated. 


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