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Guide to Clearing accommodation

Wondering how to find student accommodation during Clearing? We break down what you need to know and share what some universities are offering.

Eleanor Foulds
by Eleanor Foulds
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22 Aug 2022

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Applying for Clearing accommodation

Choosing Clearing accommodation

What to do once you’ve booked Clearing accommodation

Applying for Clearing accommodation

You won’t need to panic about finding student accommodation if you’re going through Clearing. Most universities keep places available within their accommodation for Clearing students. You’ll get all the info on how to apply for student accommodation when you have a confirmed place on a course.

Most universities will have an online portal through which you apply for student accommodation. You’ll usually be asked to list your top three choices in order of preference. The sooner you confirm your place on a Clearing course, the more chance you’ll have of securing a spot in one of your top three choices.

Each uni will have its own accommodation team on hand to guide you. You’ll be able to reach out to them if you're stuck or have any questions.

Choosing Clearing accommodation

When you get information on student accommodation from your university, you’ll have to go through all your options. Carefully consider these – you don’t want to rush any decision and regret it later!

Take these factors into account when choosing student accommodation in Clearing:


How close your accommodation is to the university campus, the local town or city centre, transport links and any open spaces will be important. The closer you are to these different areas, the more opportunities you’ll have to explore the place.


If you’ve applied for student finance, check how much maintenance loan you’ll be getting this year. This will help you determine what you can and can’t afford. Remember that your maintenance loan needs to cover living costs, which includes food, books, socialising and other expenses.

Special needs/access requirements

If you have special access requirements, check that the accommodation has measures in place to support you. Most student accommodation should be disability-friendly but be sure this is the case before you sign your contract. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the uni if you have any questions.

What’s included in the rent

Most university and private halls are ‘all-inclusive’, meaning your rent will likely be quoted in weekly payments that cover rent and bills. Make sure you know exactly what’s included in this weekly payment so you aren’t surprised by any unexpected expenses.

You should also look at what’s provided in your room/flat. Some accommodation options might come with bedding, a TV and cooking utensils, while others will need you to bring your own.

You may not get your preferred room

It’s possible your university can’t guarantee you your preferred room. In this case, think carefully about any accommodation you’re offered. You can always decline an offer if you’re unsure but be aware that the uni might not be able to offer you an alternative room.

Read the terms and conditions

Do read the terms and conditions of your contract before you sign it. It may seem dull but once you’ve signed your contract, it becomes legally binding. Read through your contract with a parent or guardian as they’ll be able to help with anything you don’t understand.

Other factors to consider

Ask yourself these questions when choosing your student accommodation:

  • How many people do you want to live with?
  • Do you want your own private bathroom and/or kitchen?
  • Do you want all-inclusive, or would you rather manage your own bills?
  • Do you want access to security and/or maintenance teams?
  • What length of tenancy do you need?
  • Do you want social spaces and fun things to do included in your accommodation?

What to do once you’ve booked Clearing accommodation

Once you’ve found and secured your new home, consider these as your next steps:

Get insurance

Some university and private halls will provide insurance within their ‘all-inclusive’ rent, but this might just be basic coverage. If it's not provided, or you have valuable items that need extra coverage, apply for contents insurance. This way you’re protected if your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged.

Start shopping

Buying your accommodation essentials is one of the most exciting parts about going to uni. Our handy checklist covers everything you need to take with you.

It’s important that you make your room feel as homely as possible. You’ll be spending most of the year there so don’t be afraid to personalise your space. This could be buying some plants, locking in some groovy posters or getting soft furnishings like a nice duvet and pillows.

Get to know your new flatmates

Often universities will set up Facebook groups or pages for their halls before students move in. Check whether your uni has set one up for your hall as this will be a good way to start getting to know the people you’ll live with. Having a familiar face or two can help calm any nerves on move-in day.


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