Student Story: Sociology BA

Student Story: Sociology BA

You might have some idea as to whether or not you’re going to university. But what’s it really like being a student?  Hotcourses asked Rose, who is taking a sociology degree, to fill us in on her experience.

Name: Rose Holyoak
Course: Sociology BA (Hons)
Institution: Derby University

‘At first I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to go to uni. I had no idea what I wanted to do in the future or even what subject I wanted to study, but eventually I realised that it would be better to go and get a degree and never have to use it than to not get one and realise a few years down the line that I couldn’t get anywhere without one.

I think overall uni has been better than I thought it would be. Certainly in my subject area, you couldn’t ask for more by way of a supportive and creative learning environment. Even moving away from home and meeting loads of new people wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be. Obviously there’s been the usual hassles like having to share houses with people you don’t necessarily get on with and deadlines and such but it’s all just part of the experience and you learn from it and move on.

The advice I’d give to someone thinking about going to uni is to not worry too much about the outcome of it or about doing the right degree to get the right job.  Just enjoy the experience. With fees changes and student debt, so many people are just seeing university as a means to an end and forgetting that the learning should be reward enough in itself – and I think that’s a real shame.’

Last Updated:
09 Dec 2014
First Published:
18 Jul 2011