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Living in Uni Halls: Everything You Need to Know

Are you off to uni this September but clueless about what life in halls is really like?  To help you put aside any worries, Whatuni spoke to Mohamed, an accommodation rep at Newcastle University, who told us all about the types of halls on offer, what features to look out for when applying for university accommodation, and what he most enjoys about living in halls…

Eleanor Foulds
by Eleanor Foulds
Last Updated:
22 Sep 2022

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What features should students look out for when choosing uni halls?

The most important features to look out for when moving into uni accommodation are the type of hall it is (like catered or self-catered), the location, transport options and the number of bedrooms per floor or unit.  Each hall varies, so considering these factors according to your personal preferences will ensure you pick the most suitable hall for you.

What types of student accommodation are available at Newcastle University?

Catered and self-catered are the main types of halls here, but there are four basic types of bedroom — fully en-suite, bedroom with toilet, bedroom with washbasin, or bedroom with shared bathroom. It’s very important to check the university website for information about the type of bedroom each hall offers.

What are the benefits of living in uni halls?

The best thing about living in halls is that you get to meet new people who are the same age as you, and who may be on the same course as you. It’s also easy to find out all about the halls before you arrive, and there are multiple ways to pay the accommodation fees, as well as different payment plans to suite your needs.

Are there any downsides to living in halls?

The biggest downside is that you can’t just pick which hall you want to go to at Newcastle; you can only put down your three preferences and hope you get one of them. Depending on the type of hall you end up in, you may have to share facilities like the toilet and kitchen with other students, so if you dislike that, it might affect how much you enjoy your time there.

What have you enjoyed most about living in halls?

My hall, Richardson Road, has a reputation for being the one with the most parties, so if you like going out a lot and meeting new people it’s the place to be! Not only that, but you live in a flat with five other students, so making new friends is still easy even if you don’t go out a lot.  My hall is also a two minute walk away from the medical school, a seven minute walk from the students’ union, and only ten minutes away from the city centre, so it’s really convenient.

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