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University Applications on the Rise

31st Jan 2013 ( updated 31st Jan 2013 ) - By in Student News


So, after months of doom and gloom surrounding the rise in tuition fees and the negative effects it’s having on the number of students applying for uni, we might finally have some good news for you…

According to recent Ucas figures (taken up to the recent 15 January deadline), applications from UK students for undergrad courses are up 2.8% on last year’s figures. Which means it look like the numbers have re-balanced themselves to some extent (although it’s worth noting that they’re still not as high as they were before the tuition fee hike was introduced).

Despite these signs of recovery, though, the NUS are still warning the government not to be complacent.

“No student should be put off going to university because of misinformation about how they’ll be asked to contribute, but the government cannot assume that recovering application levels tell the whole story, particularly when universities and students have found themselves so destabilised,” said NUS President Liam Burns. “The long-term impact on individual decision making of subjecting an entire generation to tens of thousands of pounds pseudo-debt needs to be properly and fully explored in relation to both work and further study.”

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