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More Universities Offer January Start Dates

03rd Dec 2012 ( updated 04th Dec 2012 ) - By in Student News


The number of universities offering start dates in January is on the rise.  If you were unlucky enough to miss out on your grades last summer, you’ll know exactly how annoying it is to be forced to wait a full year before you can start your degree. Well, maybe not for much longer.

The increased number of Semester 2 start dates is a reaction to the recent drop in students starting university (a shortfall of 62,000 according to a recent Telegraph article), and will mean students who are retaking A-Levels won’t have to wait quite as long.

One of the universities offering January start dates for certain courses is Oxford Brookes. Academic Registrar Matthew Andrews told the Telegraph that a small number of programs offer this option. “The exact number depends on a range of factors, including the availability of accommodation, and we anticipate an increase in the number accepted compared to recent years,” he said.

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