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5 Reasons to Study a Zoology Degree

5 Reasons to Study a Zoology Degree

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Hoping to study a degree in Zoology at uni? Well let us congratulate you on making such a fine choice. There are many reasons to study a Zoology degree, but we know you’ve probably got lots to do (clicking the link above and having a browse through the different Zoology courses on offer should be at the top of your list) so we’ll keep things brief…


Reasons to Study a Zoology Degree


1.     The work won’t be dull – when you’re working with any number of different animals and studying topics as diverse as behaviour, evolution and anatomy, you almost certainly won’t get bored. Many universities that offer Zoology courses also place a large emphasis on field work, which means less time cooped up in a lecture theatre and more time spent with animals (see below).

2.     You get to work with animals – so, on to the animals themselves. If you’ve ever watched You’ve Been Framed (or been anywhere near YouTube), you’ll know that there are few things more entertaining in this world than animals (and the incredibly ridiculous things they often do). If you study Zoology you’ll get to find this out firsthand (and if you have your iPhone handy, you could even be on the end of the latest viral video sensation). Add to this the fact that working with animals can be extremely challenging and rewarding, and, well – frankly you’re on to a winner.

3.     You’ll be dealing with epic beasts like this (don’t worry, he probably won’t bite):

Angry lion

4.     The career prospects are incredibly varied – so after your degree is over, what kind of career can you look forward to? Well the good news is you’ll have plenty of different jobs to choose from. Zoology graduates typically go into areas like conservation, research, veterinary science, ecology and pharmaceuticals (and you could of course go on to become a zoo keeper).

5.     You might encounter moments like this – we couldn’t write an article on Zoology without including some sort of animal video, now could we?



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