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5 Reasons to Become a Primary School Teacher

5 Reasons to Become a Primary School Teacher

21st Jan 2013 ( updated 18th Sep 2013 ) - By in Choosing a Course


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Considering a career in Primary Education, but still feeling a bit uncertain? Well let us convince you. Here are five incredibly persuasive reasons to become a Primary School teacher…


1.     Working with children can be rewarding

You’ve probably heard this being said time and time again, but what does it actually mean? The thing about teaching is, when you’re working to educate children you can see the positive effects on a daily basis – little things like helping a child overcome a problem or understand a tricky concept can suddenly become incredibly rewarding.

2.     Making a difference in the lives of young children

Teaching such young children will give you the chance to make a hugely positive impact on their lives and education. This impact won’t necessarily disappear after they’ve moved on to secondary school, either – if you had a favourite teacher in Primary School that you still remember, you’ll know what we mean.

3.     The holidays are good

Don’t try and pretend you hadn’t considered this little perk. Okay, so you might have to do a bit of lesson planning over Christmas and Easter, but still… six weeks off over the summer is certainly nothing to grumble about.

4.     It can be a really fun job!

Obviously young children can be difficult at times, but the fact is they can also be very funny; being able to have a laugh with the people you work with is a definite perk to any job. You’ll also have the chance to get creative with some of your lessons, which can be a great opportunity to have some fun.

5.     Every day will be different

Okay, so there are probably plenty of jobs that would claim to create different challenges for an employee every day, but few of them will be as varied or changeable as the work you’ll be doing as a Primary School teacher. When working with young children the lack of predictability might be tricky at times, but it will certainly keep you on your toes.


Sam Haysom

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